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Why do no harm?

March 1, 2010

The first principle of development is ‘first, do not harm’ (we would write it in Latin, but we’re all about participation and inclusion!)  Each day we learn about the perverse consequences of development – the multi-billion pound/dollar/euro industry that serves itself over those it claims to serve.  With development all-around and pop stars leading the line, we think it’s important to remind ourselves why we’re really here.  This blog is about exactly that. But also to make us think, question our actions and query whether development can ever really do no harm.

Despite that rather deep introduction – we also want this blog to be a ‘space’ for us to share ideas, links to interesting articles and stories and engage in discussion wherever we end up in the world next year.

We’re already coming to the end of our 2nd term at The LSE. Next year we’ll all be spread across the world putting what we’ve learnt into practice. This blog (it’s hoped!) will give us a way to keep in contact and see the reality of DV400/DV431 come alive.

Input from everyone at DESTIN would be great – we want this to be a living, organic, holistic (oh yeah) approach to blogging, so please, if you’ve got ideas or something to say, get on board. This ship’s big enough for everyone!

Rajni, Craig & Andrew

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