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Why am I in Development? (Nana)

March 7, 2010

Growing up in Ghana, I lived in a country where poverty was more visible. I saw beggars begging for alms on the streets, children barely clothed exposing themselves to disease, patients lying on hospital floors because they were not enough beds, and those beds that were available went to those who could pay for them.

While young, I felt like the most I could do then was give some money to the beggar or smile as the kids waved happily and curiously at me. Getting older however, I felt I could do more, I wanted to do more.

And so if you ask why I am interested in development- it’s the situations just described which explain why. It is knowing I wanted to help reduce the plight of the underdeveloped in society, and being frustrated with seeing people subjected to a life of minimal sustenance.

Whilst volunteering with the Rotary Club in high school, I got involved in de-worming and immunization projects. Speaking closely to the ‘victims of poverty’ I learnt of their stories, and yet my discovery was that despite all they went through, they were happy. I heard their laughter ring out often and saw hope reflected in their eyes from mere contact with us volunteers. And that gave me hope- that with dedication and help, I, like many others, could make those smiles last longer.


Nana Frema Amankwah (MSc Development Studies)

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  1. david amankwah permalink
    February 13, 2014 10:44 am

    nana you are a great person

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