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Sunday Linky Sunday

March 14, 2010

Getting that Sunday evening feeling?

Have a looky at some of these for some inspiration before the new week starts. Only one more left, my fellow DESTINers. Make it a good ‘un.

Political Economy of boreholes – Interesting look at the problems of governance and power over collecting water in South Sudan.

The first international NGO from the South? – Duncan Green from Oxfam looks into a new working paper by IDS on BRAC, but does not try to answer their question: ‘does this represent an ‘alternative’ development model?

Is Bill Easterly Useless? – That’s the question asked over at Blood & Milk, focusing on the recent flak Easterly has been receiving for being mean-spirited.

Charter Cities –  In short, the renowned Stanford economist Paul Romer wants western democracies to build cities from scratch in developing countries. Yay or Nay? (thanks to Malte for this one)

and lastly…

Pepsi vs. Coca-cola Africa stylee – What musician and tasty beverage will be quenching your thirst this summer?  Pepsi for me – gotta love the real subtlety they’ve used to portray Africa (where was the football playing lion or jolly fat women with pots on their heads?).

That’s you lot for this week. If you’ve got any more, please add them via the comments.

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