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Why I am in Development (Felix)

March 16, 2010

I believe that we have one life. Therefore we should try to live that life to the fullest. I really do not understand how so many people are so willing to throw themselves into a career that they do not want to do simply because that’s what you are meant to do. You follow the path from school, university and then job. I see so many people settling. For me, I think I would just go crazy watching the clock in the week and waiting for the weekends when my life could start! I also feel that those who mindlessly do the 9-5 or worse…longer hours… are to some extent wasting their lives. I have a friend who said he would feel free when he was 40, when the hours would be less long…that’s twenty years away!! So perhaps I am guilty of wanting to pursue my own self interest in getting as much out of life as possible. Nevertheless I completely believe that you can combine a life that does ‘help’ others while at the same time being fascinating and eye opening.

Some of us have been privileged to have received some of the best education and with that privilege I believe we have a responsibility to others, to try to alleviate some of the injustices in the world, some of the inequities but also to be truly happy with ourselves. I feel that a career in development, whilst challenging is a cause worth struggling for. It may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the issues like so many people, rather we should continue to adapt to ever changing circumstances and try to rectify some of the issues, while guarding against the possible negative implications of our actions.

I am truly grateful that I have met so many like minded people at the LSE and hope that once we finish that we continue to help and support one another in our various pursuits. Strength in numbers!! In addition once we leave it might be quite easy to become sucked into institutional thinking which is why Do No Harm is so useful to keep us self critical.

Felix Baden-Powell (MSc Development Management)

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