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Understanding (or not) the Causes of Things

April 15, 2010

Since arrivng at LSE the university motto ‘understanding the causes of things’  has been thrust upon us on more than several occassions. With this in mind, after reading about a Spaniard recently abducted in the DRC I tried extremely hard to understand the potential rationale of the Mai Mai group responsible; Ransome?  Political pawn? Raising awareness of their cause? But how could these explanations or any others possibly outweigh the pressure the rebel group would incur as a consequence of this act?

Dr Mario Zarza Manresa

The reason behind the abduction was a lot less obivious – It was for his hair. Apparently this particular Mai Mai leader believes that adorning himself with white people’s hair makes him invulnerable in combat! Read more here,

Note, Dr Mario Zarza Manresa, founding member of the Spanish NGO “Asociación Africanista Manuel Iradier”, is apparently safe having been brought back by the Congolse military.

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  1. Craig M permalink*
    April 21, 2010 1:31 pm

    It turns out that this story is in fact false, the Spanish doctor has been returned with a full head of hair. The Congolese Information Minister was in fact false when he stated that the Spaniard was being used for his hair –

    Perhaps I jumped at the initial idea of magical thinking a little quickly – but so did the New York Times –

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