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Life after LSE – Nina Larsen

October 18, 2010

I’m Nina Larsen, a former LSE student who is due to graduate with an MSc Anthropology and Development in Dec 2010. A week after handing in my dissertation I flew to Uganda as a student participant in a business model innovation programme, run by a social enterprise called Pepal.

By now, I have managed to make myself indespensible enough to be hired by Pepal to continue on, and to coordinate current and future Pepal programmes. This involves setting up the next women’s leadership programme for January, and supporting current projects with Marie Stopes, PACE (formerly PSI) and NACWOLA. The Pepal-NACWOLA projects I am managing most closely involve securing UNIFEM funding to 1) set up a peanut cooperative in the north of Uganda, 2) develop an m&E stategy for the organisation 3) conduct a case study and appraisal of the current community health worker system. Somehow, I am meant to be doing this all in 6 months. I have my fingers in a lot of pies and if you fancy, you can follow the sticky mess on my blog. I hope to keep it fairly neutral, although I can’t guarantee that my frustrations won’t erupt into blog-sized rants. Enjoy and PLEASE feel free to comment:

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