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Business as (un)usual

February 17, 2011

By Fiorenzo Conte

The political crisis in Ivory Coast is claiming a heavy economic toll on the countries in West Africa. Merchandise remains blocked in the port of Abidjan and the transportation of goods through Ivory Coast is becoming increasingly expensive. More and more entrepreneurs in Burkina-Faso and Mali are diverting their goods to other ports such as Accra, Lomé and Dakar, however this strategy proved to be particularly expensive as the distance to destination is greater. This maps shows how countries have tried to ensure the movement of goods by turning to other countries.

The result? The inflation rates of the member country of the West African Monetary and Economic Union doubled since November reaching 3% and are forecasted to reach 5% by the end of the year if the crisis persists. This spike combined with increased food prices in the international markets are a source of concern for governments that are afraid of popular revolt against the rise of the costs of living. To read the complete article see here.

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